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One of the most exciting but also most stressful times in a student's life is applying to college. The process can be overwhelming for both students, who are seeking independent thinking, and their decision-making parents. Decisions that impact college admission start freshman year with curriculum choices and extra-curricular activities.


Four years ago when my son was a freshman in high school, I was introduced to the college process. He and I started mapping out his resume from the moment he entered high school. Going through the process with him, I was thankful for the writing skills and attention to detail that I developed while practicing law for so many years. I attended all college visits with him, sought out every meeting available, and took copious notes. I found myself really enjoying the process and decided I wanted to help young people successfully manage the admission process and achieve their dreams while minimizing the stress at home.


Since founding Gateway to Admission, I've had a roster of students who have been successful this year in the application process. Through a certification class with UCLA, I have added to my knowledge and resource base. The student and parents receive a customized plan tailored to their goals and motivations. This is a highly personalized process; not a prescribed plug-and-play plan. Before helping my clients make college lists, write essays, and apply to each school, I take the time to get to know and understand them. It's my pleasure to help your child get into the school of their dreams.

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"I have glowing reviews for Ginger and Gateway to Admissions. Ginger is passionate and caring about the student. She spends time trying to figure out the things that makes your student special and takes the stress out of the process. Her ability to work directly with the student and build a relationship is incredible. My daughter was beyond impressed with Ginger and Gateway! She was admitted to her top choices and she firmly believes Gateway to Admissions helped her succeed in getting into her top college choices. My daughter could not imagine the process without Ginger. Especially the ability to navigate the essays, this was beyond helpful. My daughter has so many great choices for college we can barely decide! It’s an exciting time and Ginger made this process so amazing! This is an investment well worth the money that translates to big results."


Jane H., Parent of 2024 Grad

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