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Success Stories

College admissions FAQ

Pavel P. 
The University of Miami, Fall 2022

Unfamiliar Territory

Faced with what can be the overwhelming task of applying to colleges, Pavel contacted me as he started his senior year in high school to help guide him with the process. Pavel proved to be independent, inquisitive, and organized in his work. A 4-year high school tennis player, he had learned to meet the challenges before him. As a first-generation American, he and his family were unfamiliar with the American college system so I was able to draw upon my own personal and professional experience to guide them through the process. A strong student and quick learner, Pavel approached the process with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication. With an eye on a business major, Pavel is attending his first-choice school, the University of Miami, in the fall and I look forward to following his progress there. 


Alex R.
Marquette University, Fall 2022

Showcasing Strength

I began working with Alex during the summer before his senior year in high school to help him with his personal essay and create a college list and complete the Common App. Alex has a creative mind and a talent for art.  Together we found the right way for him to showcase these strengths in his application.  He also played hockey for many years and pursued his passion for the game throughout high school. His academic, athletic, and personal achievements resulted in a very successful application process. Alex had many options to choose from on his college list and many with enticing financial incentives as well.  He is looking forward to pursuing a major in business at Marquette University where he can be close to his family. I know Marquette is just the beginning of Alex’s success.

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Henry G.
The University of Miami, Fall 2022

What to choose?

Henry’s parents first reached out to me to provide extra support with his college essays, college list, and completion of the Common App. Henry was such a pleasure to work with during the application process and I enjoyed getting to know him better. He was thoughtful, analytical, and thorough every step of the way. Long interested in politics and with enthusiasm boosted by internships, Henry didn’t have to give a lot of thought to his choice of major.  However, he was still determining which schools should receive his applications. I was able to help Henry research schools that matched his desired area of study.  He toured one of those schools and fell in love right away. From that point on, University of Miami was the goal. Henry’s four years as a cross country runner, excellent academic credentials, strong faith and mental toughness worked in his favor as we prepared a strong application together. I am thrilled that he was able to achieve admission to his first-choice school.

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