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Affordable and stress-free college and academic advising for any family's needs


There is a range of steps within the college process that truly begin as soon a student enters high school. I have catered my service to every aspect of the process. To learn more about my offerings, click 'More Info' below


The college process is very different for everyone. My goal is to make it as seamless as possible, given every circumstance. Click 'stories' below to learn about my past work with clients and their success after going through Gateway to Admission 


While working through the college process with clients, I have garnered an abundance of insights into many specific colleges' admission processes. Click 'colleges' below or scroll down to see the growing list of schools I have crucial information about 



Allow me to help you with your child's college journey, reduce home stress, and facilitate the often overwhelming college search and selection process. As a college prep specialist, I assist you with college selection, admissions, and application guidance.


Featured Colleges


"Ginger is passionate and caring about the student, spending time trying to figure out what makes your student special."

Parent of Notre Dame Commit

Stephanie S.

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